2014 Global Leadership Summit, Jeffrey Immelt

Jeffrey Immelt exuded a warm humility in his interview with Bill Hybels. Who knows if he is really like this in ‘real life’ but in the short 30 minute interview, I found myself thinking – “I’d follow this guy. I’d hang out with this guy.” There weren’t a lot of cliché’s or canned leadership nuggets in the interview – which I loved and endeared me even more to Jeffrey.

At the end of the day, everyone at GE is a worker. No job is beneath the CEO.

Do your best and keep always in your mind the kind of person you want to be.

It was always about the work – not the career. Your peers decided how far you will go in an organization. You have to earn that.

We live in a volatile time and we are not ever going to have the opportunity to go back. Ever. Leaders must go forward.

4 Ways to make life simpler.

1. Less management. Have a lean decision-making process. Put your decision makers closer to the work so their insight and information is accurate.

2. The market rules – not the internal. Keep an external focus for your organization, keep who you serve in the front.

3. Get it on the clock. Get projects moving and out. Don’t have to be perfect but you have to produce.

4. Network you service. Which means keeping your organization transparent. Keep stuff transparent. Authenticity.

Leaders have to be self-starters, self-motivating and learn how to renew themselves in a short amount of time.


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