2014 Global Leadership Summit, Joseph Grenny

There are moments of disproportionate influence, moments of opportunity.

Three dimensions of crucial conversations: strong emotions, opposing opinions, and high stakes.

Any time you find yourself stuck, ask yourself what crucial conversation are we not holding or not holding well?

Two options when crucial conversation moments happen. Talk it out or act it out.

The myth is you either have to tell the truth or keep your friends. Progress will begin when you breakdown this myth inside your organization.

Three crucial conversations for church work.

1. Performance problems of staff and key volunteers.
2. Members who struggle with sin.
3. Concerns with pastor.

The vital behavior of having crucial conversation is candor.

7 Skills of Crucial Conversations
Start with the heart.
Learn to look.
Make it safe.
Master your story.
State your path.
Explore others’ path.
Move to action.

Before you engage in a crucial conversation:

1. Help the other know you care about their goals. Mutual purpose.

2. Help the other know you really care about them. Mutual respect.

It’s the intent that offends, not the content.


2 thoughts on “2014 Global Leadership Summit, Joseph Grenny

  1. Great piece, we are all to quick to be heard. The electronic media has been to easy to allow social action to be made public before the real facts have been uncover. This holds true in all facits of the public. We are so quick to pass on information without knowing the details. Ofcourse we want the information immediately, thinking it is correct. Waiting is a thing of the past. Like waiting on God. We may need to have more conversation ….. ie with God.


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