2014 Global Leadership Summit, Don Flow

Don Flow – CEO of Flow Companies, INC

I’m called to exercise faith and give hope in every aspect of my work.

I start by believing that God is at work in my workplace.

My job needs to be a signpost for God at my workplace.

The best way faith is expressed is in love. I come alongside my employees in their struggles to help them. I must be full of grace and truth, not self-seeking.

Never get ahead in your business at the cost of another.

Flow provides a $3,000/year scholarship for every kid of full-time employee.

We want to operate our business as if the Fall never happened. So we want transactions to benefit everyone – the customer and the business. We limit what we COULD make on a deal.

My calling is to live my life to God’s mission of reclamation leaving the results to Him.

We SERVE people:
Show respect
Earn Trust
Reach for perfection
Value input
Energize Others

Workplace must walk tension of Challenge/Confidence. Challenge without confidence is FEAR. Confidence without challenge is complacency.


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