2014 Global Leadership Summit Notes

A couple of disclaimers.

These are NOT exact quotes. I think I got most of the wording exactly right but these notes were taken while the speakers were going about 190 mph. I’m sure I missed a word or two. You get the gist.

I didn’t take notes on every session. The beauty of the Leadership Summit is that we get to hear leaders and speakers from different perspectives than we normally listen to. From CEOs to comedians, from every corner of the globe, business and church leaders – it’s awesome to hear these leaders speak. But not every one of them resonates with everybody. So I took notes from the ones that resonated with me, tried my best to listen and connect with the ones that didn’t. And there were a couple of sessions that no matter the work – it wasn’t clicking with me so I just sat back and relaxed in those sessions.

The notes are from the speaker’s perspective, not mine. I tried to put the notes in their words, from their perspective regardless of whether I agreed with them or not.

You need to go to the Leadership Summit next year. It’s an incredible two days of teaching, inspiration and challenges. We take the team at Western Hills and even had a couple of our elders go this year. If you are in Topeka – hit me up, come with us next year.

Here are the sessions I have notes on…

Day 1
Bill Hybels
Carly Fiorina
Jeffrey Immelt
Susan Cain
Bryan Loritts
Patrick Lencioni

Day 2

2014 Global Leadership Summit, Wilfredo De Jesús


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