Movie Review: Edge of Tomorrow


Also known as “Live. Die. Repeat.” This Tom Cruise sci-fi romp tells the story of a soldier who finds himself in a never-ending cycle on the same day of a battle. Every time he dies, he starts over. He has to figure out why this is happening and how to break it and how to win the war. The film didn’t fare to well at the box office. This isn’t all that surprising considering Tom Cruise’s history with sci-fi at the box office isn’t all that pretty.

Legend, 1985 – It was the ’80s and he was young. Free pass.
Minority Report, 2002 – best of the bunch.
War of the Worlds, 2005 – awful
Oblivion – had potential but didn’t do well at box office.

It’s not that they were BAD movies (save War of the Worlds) it’s just they weren’t GREAT movies.

What makes Edge of Tomorrow’s ‘failure’ a bit surprising is how many of us have always wondered – what would happen if you put Groundhog Day in the context of an invasion of Earth by aliens keen on destroying the human race? Okay…so bad example.

If you’re looking for a deep mystical journey into the existential question of time travel and what it means to not be alone in the universe…this isn’t your film. This is about action, killing aliens, and getting in as many ‘gallows humor’ one-liners as possible.

And I realize it tanked in the theaters (relatively speaking) but…I can’t believe I’m going to say this…

But it’s a fun movie. It’s entertaining, the directing is sharp and quick. (Same director of The Bourne Franchise). In Groundhog Day, about the 4th time you “I Got You Babe” you are screaming at the film – “WE GET IT!!! MOVE THE STORY ALONG!!” That never happens in Edge of Tomorrow. Each cycle through, the story advances and another layer is revealed. The director seems to get – the audience is smart. I don’t have to start back at the beginning every single time. When the movie ends – you don’t feel like you’ve watched it 65 times in one sitting.

Tom Cruise is well, he’s Tom Cruise and his character at the start of the film – it’s funny to see him in that kind of role. Emily Blunt is fantastic in the film. The Mimics (aliens) are pretty freaky. The movie is based on a Japanese graphic novel and there are a couple of references to it. The first and funniest being the suit that Tom Cruise is first put in has Japanese as its default language.

The ending was a bit of a head-scratcher. Won’t spoil it here but the rest of the movie works and thought it was very entertaining. It’s a fun action movie – and there’s nothing wrong with that.


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