Week 1 of 2014 Season aka Sports Rant #2 of Season

It’s pretty humbling to see what you thought was going to happen for the season basically go up in flames 2 hours after you wrote it.

1. Any more questions if Sumlin will make it without Johnny Manziel? That guy needs to go to the NFL. Now. He is setting A&M to be dominant for a very long time. At least as long as he is there. Defense looked better but still vulnerable. Offense looked better than last year.

2. South Carolina – 1 game? Really? That’s how long my annual pick of them to win SEC East lasted. 1 game.

3. Georgia looks like a bully. Like that 2009 Alabama team. Just line up and smash you all game long.

4. Alabama may have found their QB. That’s good news. Getting Amari Cooper the ball – good news. Running backs – good news. Looks like they may have a kicker!!

5. The ‘Bama defense though – yikes. A&M and Auburn offenses are going to hang 50 points on ‘Bama this year. The corners look like boys among men.

6. Arkansas looks better but if they really want to improve they need some WRs that can catch.

7. LSU looked horrible for 3 quarters. I go to bed and wake up to see they won the game. Wha??? LSU and ‘Bama may be looking at the beginning of a change of power – Auburn and Aggies are rising.

8. Now we have two weeks or so of basically horrible games against teams that will tell us next to nothing.


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