I’m Not Coming Back, Thanks For Asking

There has been a recent push in my life to rejoin Facebook, to “reconnect” with those I am no longer connected to, to stay up on what is going on.

“Grant, there is this hilarious video you HAVE to see. Are you on Facebook?”

Wow…no, I’m not. I’m sorry I missed that.

“You have to see this. It’s so cute/awesome/life-changing/irritating/provocative.”

It’s astonishing that I’ve survived this long without seeing it, isn’t it?

“It’s incredible. Everyone will be talking about it.”

I’m sure they will.

“Grant – you gotta see it.”

Is this about cats? Because let’s face it, anything about cats is a waste of time.

“How do you stay up with your family without Facebook? Don’t you want to stay connected with your family?”

Is this a trick question? Did my mom put you up to this?

“Don’t you want your voice be heard?”

I preach almost every Sunday. I tweet. I write on my blog. Honestly, I get tired of hearing my own voice. I’m trying to create space and silence to hear His voice.

“You are SO missing out.”

Funny. I don’t see it that way.

Way back in 2011, I said good-bye. I really haven’t changed my mind. If anything, I’m more resolute than ever. It’s made my life much easier in many cases.

It’s also giving me more time to waste on my fantasy football team.


5 thoughts on “I’m Not Coming Back, Thanks For Asking

  1. What’s biggest difference in your experience with Twitter versus Facebook (aside from the videos)? I have both and tend to use FB more…curious why you landed on Twitter and what you think after this amount of time? Thinking of taking a Social Media sabbatical myself.


    1. I like twitter because I don’t have to keep up with privacy settings or blocking people from my wall or having some existential crisis as to what constitutes a friend.

      I follow who I want to follow and everything is limits to 148 characters. Short and sweet.


  2. Well, Shut The Front Door and Deactivate That Facebook Account! 🙂

    I think I will use one of my “I’m your sister, so I can say this.” cards. And i know i don’t need to remind anyone, this card is a free-bee and will be used as such. 🙂

    I wanted to be a helpful and supportive sis, so I came up with a few possible options if you did want to “reconnect” with us Facebook Friends (probably not, but…)
    1. You could friend who you want to and not friend others as well as limit your posting to 148 characters each. You could even design a Cover Photo with a header that explains your page. 2. Set it up like a group page. AND post as if you would on Twitter. People have to be requested to join by someone in the group or by admin. and Rules and Regulations could explain all that. It would take a second to set up page but once its done, it works for itself.
    P.S. I only tweet on the twitter because my brother doesn’t have Facebook.
    Love you, Bubba!


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