Mondays And Other General Crankiness

Broncos lose. Wasn’t a blowout. Extremely conservative game-plan when it looked like the Seahawks were vulnerable down the field. Running game was non-existent. The defense played well and kept the Broncs in the game.

Alabama scored 62 points. Unfortunately, 21 of them were for Florida. 4 turnovers and no run game in first half was hard to watch. The 70 yard bombs to wide open receivers and Amari Cooper owning the secondary – not so much.

Got a busy week this week. Sequoia wouldn’t start tonight so had to get a tow to shop. These are the days I remember Amy’s dad’s words : ‘Be thankful you have a car to fix.’

And generally today I just felt yucky.

There, I wrote it and said it.


One thought on “Mondays And Other General Crankiness

  1. You shouldn’t have talked about the vehicle this past week. Yes, be happy that you have something to fix. All it needs is a little tender loving touch to perk it up, good luck. Dad


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