My Horrific Fantasy Football Season Thus Far

I’m in two fantasy football leagues. Also known as The Dumpster Fire and The Train Wreck. At the beginning of the season, I was feeling pretty good. Across the two teams, I had solid players and taken a few low-risk gambles. Drew Brees, Nick Foles, Graham, Foster, Sanders, Lacey Hall liter my rosters. There were good preseason rosters.

Then the season started.

PreSeason Assumption: The Saints will pick up where they left off, destroying teams with their offense, putting up points like a video game.

Reality: Drew Brees is average. Okay, above average but nowhere near justifying how high I picked him. This has been a severe disappointment. Graham has been good – but not all world. There is hope that this rights itself as the season progresses.

PreSeason Assumption: The Cowboys will once again have an anemic run game and therefore have Romo be “Pick 6 City.”

Reality: I immediately regret passing on DeMarco Murray. The man has been in Beast Mode which has allowed Romo to be an above average QB posting strong fantasy football numbers. I fully expect this to eventually crater but who really knows at this point.

PreSeason Assumption: Adrian Peterson is fantasy football money.

Reality: He may never play a meaningful down again for the Minnesota Vikings.

PreSeason Assumption: The Denver WRs are golden. Doesn’t matter which one you take.

Reality: Sanders has been the only WR to crow about. Welker is just one more hit away from never playing again, D. Thomas is struggling with the case of drops. J. Thomas has been feast or famine but his lack of precision on running routes is going to catch up with him as Manning is consistently chewing him out. JT – mental note, friend. If 18 ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy.

PreSeason Assumption: Brady and company will quietly produce solid fantasy points.

Reality: Brady and the New England Patriots are a complete dumpster fire. It’s doubtful that Brady will survive the season with that turnstile line let alone become a viable fantasy option this year.

PreSeason Assumption: Arian Foster will have a break out year.

Reality: Arian Foster is broken. We say this every year, don’t we? And the year I finally get a chance to have him on my team…

PreSeason Assumption: The Panther’s D will be a huge win for any fantasy team.

Reality: The Panther’s D looks lost.

PreSeason Assumption: The Packers offense will be ROLLING this year since they are healthy.

Reality: Last week was the first week that offense looked remotely close to what we thought. But it isn’t putting up points like predicted.

PreSeason Assumption: Cutler will throw TD’s and INTs to both elate and crush his owners.

Reality: This has pretty much held true.

PreSeason Assumption: The Eagles offense – particularly Noles – with a full off-season will put up points. A lot of points.

Reality: I drank the kool-aid on this one. Philadelphia has scored in every way imaginable except from their QB and RB. Defense, Special Teams, punt returns, kick returns and one long drive a game. Philadelphia has been a fantasy disaster.

PreSeason Assumption: Percy Harvin – while explosive – will never make it a full season.

Reality: It’s still early and he very well could get hurt still but the guy is putting up some points every week. If he stays healthy – I will rue the day…

All is not lost though. It’s only 4 weeks in and there is still time for some of these scenarios to work themselves out.

Then again, it may just very well be time to get the marshmallows and chocolate and enjoy the fire.


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