Saturday Morning Football Ramblings

Big games today in college football –

Tennessee v. Florida – I think Tennessee has this one. Florida’s QB can’t seem to keep from cratering and his WR’s like to drop passes. Tennessee is due a big win.

Texas A&M v. Mississippi State – I think MSU wins this. Mainly because A&M can’t tackle. Of course, neither could Arkansas last week. So who knows. Going to be a great game.

Alabama v. Ole Miss – here’s hoping Bad Bo shows up. Plus Ole Miss can’t really grind out the clock so as long as Alabama doesn’t turn the ball over, should be a Alabama win.

LSU v. Auburn – My dad and stepmom are at this game. I can’t stand LSU. Auburn plays a lot like Mississippi State so they have the goods to win. Of course, Auburn’s defense is pretty suspect. And K-State exposed some weaknesses, be interesting to see if LSU can capitalize on them. Pickin’ Auburn.

Pro Football:
Denver released their kicker Matt Prater today. It’s a slightly risky move – Prater is a proven commodity on the field. He can make pressure kicks. McManus – who is replacing him – also has a monster leg but who knows how well he will play in pressure situations.

I think the real issue here was money. Prater was a $3.5 million dollar train wreck waiting to happen. He now will be tested practically every week for drug use and one more positive drug test and he will be out of the league for a year. With both Thomases up for free agency plus other defensive players – like Rahim Moore – I’m guessing Elway was thinking he’d rather spend the money on those players than a kicker he really can’t trust off the field.

Thursday night games are pretty much a waste of time.

Kansas City Royals:
So glad we have an off day. I’ve stayed up late every night to watch these games. They remind me so much of the Rockies back in 2007-2008. Small ball, stealing, fun. They make baseball fun to watch.


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