Which State Is Better At Football: Alabama or Mississippi?

Historically, the answer is Alabama by a landslide. Not even close – IF you want to talk college football.

High school football? I think the nod is going to have to go to Mississippi. I don’t have solid stats about this but I think I heard Mississippi is like #3 among the states who produce the most college football players. That’s insane if you think about how small and how little population Mississippi has. Mississippi is a monster pipeline of high school talent.

What makes this question interesting this year is the rise of Ole Miss and Mississippi State. Both undefeated, both having very big wins on their resume, both tied for #3 in AP poll, both have swarming, stifling defenses.

Let’s look at the list..

Ole Miss aka University of Mississippi
QB will either beat you or beat his own team.
Fast, hard-hitting defense
Offense is opportunistic with big WRs
Huge win: Alabama.

Questions: Does anybody trust “Good/Bad” Bo for an entire season? Can Ole Miss “win out” and send the entire state into some kind of psychotic break with reality? Is there really a nicer place for tailgating than The Grove? (No.)

Mississippi State
Hail State! More Cowbell!
Dak Prescott, QB, aka The Stud (He can run, throw, tackle, save children from burning buildings and still make it to class on time.)
Offense can run or throw, grind it out or go over the top
Defense is opportunistic, not deep
Huge wins: LSU, Texas A&M

Questions: How many colleges have a Bulldog as a mascot? Can they finish games? How will their thin defense hold up all season?

Run, run, run, and then run
Defense is suspect
Fastest offense in country
Luckiest team on the planet
Huge win: Ummm….well…Kansas State?

Questions: Will their luck ever run out? How will defense respond to a good offense? When will Nick Marshall’s misreads on the offense finally catch up to him? If ever? See – luckiest team on planet.

Defensive front 7 is dominant
Secondary is swiss cheese
Offense is schizophrenic
Commits lots of penalties and turnovers
Huge win:….[crickets chirping]…

Questions: Which offense will finally emerge – the free-wheelin’, explosive juggernaut (Kiffin) or the monolithic, plundering turnover machine (Saban)? How will team respond to punch in the mouth from Ole Miss? Is there ANYONE IN THE STATE OF ALABAMA THAT CAN KICK A FIELD GOAL?????

My Not-So-Random Synopsis

If I was forced to rank them –

1. Mississippi State
2. Everybody else

I do think Mississippi State COULD run the table. Then again, they could get blown out by Auburn today as well. That’s why we play the games. Hail State! has not just looked solid in the last two weeks…they have looked other-worldly. The beat-down they gave Texas A&M should have been called at halftime. I get that the hype machine may just have built up LSU and A&M a little too much, but hanging almost half a hundred on these two teams back-to-back weeks…

I’m drinking the MSU kool-aid.

Alabama could very well prove that it indeed is in a rebuild mode, not just reload. Let’s face it – ‘Bama’s secondary looks absent. And while it’s next to impossible to run on ‘Bama, the fact of the matter is you don’t need to run when your TEs and WRs run free and wild in the secondary. If Florida had anybody who could catch, they would have won. And the Ole Miss game just proved that Saban hasn’t completely turned over the offense to Kiffin yet. That had to be the most boring, plain offensive plan I’ve ever seen.

I don’t trust Ole Miss…particularly Bo Wallace to play like he did against Alabama the whole season. The contest today against A&M will prove that one way or the other.

Today we will see how Auburn matches up with Hail State! Memo to Auburn – if you sleep walk in first half against Mississippi State like you did against K-State, you’ll find yourself behind 37 points.

So this could be the year that Mississippi trumps Alabama in college football.


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