Hidden Gem of Hutchinson, Kansas

Our two state convention had their annual meeting in Hutchinson, Kansas this year. Amy got to go with me and we found some incredible places to eat in Hutch.

El Potrillo
I have no idea what the word the means but the food was outstanding. Our service was fast and friendly. It was perfect for dinner. I had the fajitas and the chorizo was perfect.

Roy’s BBQ
This place makes my top 5 BBQ places of all-time. Starts with the ambience and location. It’s a house on the side of some railroad tracks on the outskirts of Hutch. When you walk in the house, you’ll more than likely be greeted by ‘Momma’ who has worked there for 37 years.

The ribs are incredible. Fall off the bone tender, smoked to perfection. The hot links aren’t too hot. They are perfect. These two are the highlights of Roy’s. The pulled pork was good, the turkey was juicy and flavorful. You will not go wrong with this place.

Get here early. It is only open until the food runs out.

Jillian’s Italian Grill
Great place for a romantic dinner. In Hutch! Awesome location – right downtown and perfect ambience inside. We had incredible service and the wood fire pizzas were PERFECT. Jillian’s features an impressive wine selection and homemade bread. If the weather is nice, there is also outdoor seating.

This was a fantastic experience. The website is clumsy and doesn’t remotely begin to communicate how awesome this museum is. We did both the train ride and the ‘dark tram ride.’ Both were worth the cost. Kids are going to love this experience.

The elevator ride down is dark and claustrophobic. Then you exit into another world – 1.5 miles wide, 2.5 miles long. HUGE! It’s beautiful. We got to see some of the underground vault items as well – including the Mr. Freeze costume that Arnold wore.

Take this trip if you get a chance.









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