My New Website: The Reviews

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My love of film and books has finally gotten the best of me. I’m launching a new site simply called “The Reviews.” I’ll link my review here on this site but it will only be an excerpt and the comments won’t be open.

Plus, I roped in two friends to add their reviews to the mix – Nathan Mees and J.B. Waggoner.

Many of you already know Nathan Mees. An incredible communicator and teacher at Washburn Rural High. He teaches AP Lit, World Lit, and Film as Lit classes. He’s also done a roundtable with me during the movie series at church. Nathan’s perspective on film is going to be awesome to read.

J.B. Waggoner I met this year – back in January. He was the editor on the Ragamuffin film and was here when we showed that film in Topeka. He’s a 16 year vet of film editing on short films and features. You can see his work on his site.

I’m really excited about not only having a site dedicated to film and book reviews but having these two guys do it with me.


3 thoughts on “My New Website: The Reviews

    1. For the most part. Why? What I’m really trying to do is produce a review that will be a discussion starter for folks. Use it to broach topics of faith or values within your family or at school/work/wherever.

      The other thing we’re trying to do is pull out movies that most people probably wouldn’t watch – like documentaries. There are some great stories that are out there, just want to show those films some love


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