My Bold Sports Weekend Predictions

Okay – they are not so bold but I’ve been a bit distracted lately with the Royals run. They remind me so much of the 2007 Colorado Rockies…except the Royals have a bullpen and Colorado didn’t.

The Giants have announced they are NOT starting Bumgarner tonight. I must admit this is a little surprising. He’s the best there is and the Royals are nowhere close to figuring him out. If he pitched tonight, there’d be a chance of him also pitching in Game 7 (if necessary). Of course, starters going on 3 days rest hasn’t always worked out well for pitchers. Bumgarner has never done it (pitched on 3 days rest), perhaps this is why he will sit tonight.

Yost still baffles me with some of his decisions – not pinch hitting for Guthrie or Herrera or pulling a double switch – but his managing mantra is simple: Get to the 7th inning. The three-headed monster of Herrera/Davis/Holland is untouchable and Yost knows it. His other calls may be off the wall but at the end of the day – the Royals are up 2-1 and the Giants know they have 6 innings to beat the Royals.

I’d love to see the Royals win this back home on Game 6.

Denver Broncos
They’ve looked like an unstoppable freight train the last two games. Can they play at this pace the rest of the year? I’m speaking mostly about the defense.

Watching Manning play makes it hard to believe there were questions about his health. He looks better than what he did before he got hurt. Loved that he got upset at the PA announcer at Mile High for getting crowd pumped up while he was on offense.

They will drop a game or two this season – the schedule is too hard. Next three games are away and all over the country – at New England, at Oakland, at St. Louis. Still have Miami, Buffalo, and Cincinnati to play as well.

One note on the Chargers – they have traditionally been a real pain in the hind-parts for Broncos. Gates and Rivers showed why Thursday night. For the life of me, I can’t figure out how those Rivers/LT/Gate teams never won a Super Bowl. Oh yeah – their GM fired Marty Schottenheimer and hired Norv Turner instead. Now I remember.

Alabama Crimson Tide
This team stresses me out. They look unbeatable against A&M, they look atrocious against Arkansas. At home – they are flat out dominating teams hanging half a hundred points on teams. On the road – they look fragile. Which makes the Tennessee game pretty interesting tonight.

Tennessee’s defense can play – don’t let the scores fool you. Their offense hangs them out to dry in every game. When (IF) that offense ever learns to hold on to the football and score touchdowns – Tennessee is going to start winning. I hope that doesn’t start tonight but it very well could.

I still think Alabama walks away with a W tonight.


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