Sports Rant 11 of 2014: Broncos look soft…again

New England is a tough place to play so there were no expectations of the Broncos going into Foxboro to beat the Patsies senseless. I did expect the defense to play better than to allow Gronkowski to run free all through the secondary. I did expect the kicker to make a 41-yard field goal. I did expect for the defense and punt return team to tackle.

So while all of those missed expectations were disappointing, none of them are as painful as watching the New England defense do to the Denver offense exactly what Seattle did in the Super Bowl and basically get the same exact result.

New England sent pressure right up the middle and got to Manning over and over again. The corners played tight, getting physical with the receivers and got inside their heads. Dropped balls and bouncing balls were common. There was no run game at from the Broncos, and while Sanders got loose for a lot of catches and yards – Denver was never a significant threat to stretch the field with downfield passing game.

It’s one game. The Broncos have made it through the toughest part of the schedule 5-2. They have a strangle hold on the AFC West. That’s all well and good but after today it’s also very clear, they haven’t completely fixed what ailed them in last year’s Super Bowl.


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