Book Review: The Maze Runner

The Maze Runner falls into a long line of dystopian society being saved by a teen/young adult who is also trying to figure out their love life at the same time genre. The Giver, The Hunger Games trilogy and the Divergent trilogy are not only the most popular books around these days but they are all getting movies to boot.

The story starts with a young boy named Thomas being introduced into a society via an underground elevator. His new community is surrounded by maze that changes daily and is patrolled by hideous half-machine/half-biological creatures that look like giant spiders. These creatures can sting with a poison that leads to death if not treated in time.

The whole community system is built around the idea and hope that the maze can be solved and there is freedom on the other side. They have no proof of either of these beliefs but every job in the community either directly or indirectly works towards these two beliefs. Thomas quickly becomes a runner and that is where the story really explodes into high gear.

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