My College Football Playoff Rankings

Didn’t do this last week but will try to do this Tuesday night BEFORE the Committee releases their findings. This is what I think the poll will look like later tonight.

1. Mississippi State
Close game with Arkansas but it’s possible that even a loss to Alabama wouldn’t knock them out of the top 4.

2. Florida State
They are very beatable but who on their schedule is going to make that happen? Nobody. It’s sickening, I know.

3. Auburn
The luckiest team in college football. There’s not even a close second. Ole Miss got a big taste of that this past weekend. Major condolences to Laquon Treadwell.

4. Oregon
With the win over Stanford, Oregon is positioned to be a lock for the final 4.

On Deck: The Next 4
(Which hopefully will one day be included in a playoff…)

Alabama is going to drive this committee crazy. They look awesome at home, they look terrible on the road. The West Virginia win is getting bigger as the season moves on but it’s pretty straight forward for the Tide – keep winning and you are in. But that’s not going to be easy.

Remaining games: @LSU, Mississipi State, Western Carolina, Auburn

They looked terrible against WVU but pulled an Auburn. Another team that plays great in the state of Texas but terrible everywhere else. This weekend’s game with Kansas State is a huge win for both teams.

Remaining games: Kansas State, @Kansas, @Texas, Iowa State

Kansas State
They just win. It’s not always pretty but their sole loss is to Auburn in a game where once again Auburn proved they are the luckiest team in college football. It’s not an easy road for Kansas State either.

Remaining games: @TCU, @West Virginia, Kansas, @Baylor

Michigan State
Notre Dame could be argued for this spot. It’s a flip of a coin between those two teams. MSU gets the nod for now.

Remaining games: Ohio State, @Maryland, Rutgers, @Penn State


2 thoughts on “My College Football Playoff Rankings

  1. In Baton Rouge this week, very calm and not a lot of boasting, they are still feeling the sting from the last time BAMA was here. I was at that game, very hostile environment. I would give this a ratting of xxx for the verbal abuse that the visiting fans and team have to endure. Absolutely the the loudest stadium I have been to.

    Great predictions, lucky! What about this weekend? I am “Rolling Tide” – Dad


    1. ha ha… Not lucky, had a great mentor in the College Football Arts. (slowly bows head towards you)

      I have no idea about ‘Bama in a road environment. At Arkansas and at Ole Miss, they started very, very slow and had late 4th quarters drives to score in order to win the game. At Arkansas that worked out, at Ole Miss – it didn’t.

      Are you going to the game again?


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