To Encourage A Faster Change To 8 Teams for the CFP

Here are the top 8 teams right now according to the College Football Playoff rankings:

1 Mississippi State 8-0
2 Florida State 8-0
3 Auburn 7-1
4 Oregon 8-1
5 Alabama 7-1
6 TCU 7-1
7 Kansas State 7-1
8 Michigan State 7-1

I’ve heard a lot of scenarios being played out this week – none of them having 2 SEC teams in the top 4. But it could happen. Here’s how.

Scenario 1
Mississippi State wins out – defeats Alabama, Ole Miss, SEC Championship game. They retain their #1 rank.

Auburn wins out. (I threw up in my mouth a little). They defeat Georgia, Alabama. Miss SEC Championship game due to loss to MSU. They retain their #3 rank.

That 4th spot is now a dog-fight between TCU, KSU, Oregon, MSU, ND, Arizona State. (Although there isn’t one dog mascot among them.)

Scenario 2
Alabama wins out – defeats LSU, MSU, Auburn, SEC Championship game. Probably bumped to #1.

Mississippi State – only loss is to #1 Alabama. How far do they drop?

Auburn would be out of picture with 2 losses.

TCU is out if they lose to KSU. But even if they win, they don’t have any more games to climb in rankings. Whereas KSU could still climb with wins at Baylor and at West Virginia.

Oregon would be ranked ahead of any Big 10 team but still has to face ASU and Pac-12 Conference Championship. So they stay in top 4.

Can’t see anyone saying Michigan State and Notre Dame belong in front of a 1-loss Mississippi State team.

Gosh….that would be so AWESOME!!!

Have like 12 1-loss teams and 2 conferences sitting on the outside of the first year of a playoff. How fast do you think they would expand to 8 teams?


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