My CFP Predictions, Week of November 11th

What a great weekend of CHAOS!! More to come this weekend!

Last week, I was 8 for 8 for teams and 8 for 8 in their position. Don’t see that happening this week as there will be considerable more drama in the 5-8 positions this week.

1. Mississippi State
Practically a bye week but guess what is on deck? That’s right – AT ALABAMA. No hype needed for this game.

Remaining games: at Alabama, Vanderbilt, at Ole Miss

2. Florida State
The only thing that can beat FSU is the next Jameis Winston incident. And that’s still a possibility.

Remaining games: at Miami, Boston College, Florida

3. Oregon
Utah blows the opportunity for an upset with one of the dumbest plays in college football history. Next big obstacle is the PAC 12 Championship game.

Remaining games: Colorado, at Oregon State

4. TCU
#4 spot is a big deal to TCU. They don’t have anymore games that could bump them up in rankings. Another issue: Baylor has Big 12 tie-breaker over TCU if both win out. Possible that #2 team in conference gets in CFP ahead of conference champion.

Remaining games: @Kansas, @Texas, Iowa State

On Deck: The Next 4

At this point, it doesn’t matter where ‘Bama is. Mississippi State and Auburn are looming and if they win, they’ll be ranked #1 or #2.

Remaining games: Mississippi State, Western Carolina, Auburn

Arizona State
The UCLA loss is ugly but the beatdown on ND was beautiful. They can score points in bunches and the only upset potential is the final rival game at Arizona.

Remaining games: at Oregon State, Washington State, at Arizona

I think you could switch Ohio State and Baylor all day long. Their non-conference schedule could come back to hurt them.

Remaining games: Oklahoma State, at Texas Tech, Kansas State

Ohio State
Got to hand it to Urban Meyer and JT Barrett – both look completely different than team that lost to Va Tech week 2 of season.

Remaining games: at Minnesota, Indiana, Michigan

Put your thoughts in the comments below.


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