The CFP Aftermath

Week 1: I was 8 for 8 for teams, 8 for 8 for their positions.
Week 2: 8 for 8 for teams, 7 for 8 positions

CFP Ranking, November 11
1. Mississippi State
2. Oregon
3. Florida State
4. TCU
5. Alabama
6. Arizona State
7. Baylor
8. Ohio State

The miss was Oregon. I had them at 3, CFP Committee moves them to 2! I have to admit, that move surprised me but I’m not upset by it. The Committee is doing two things that seriously impress me.

1. Transparency of the thought process to the public is a breath of fresh air. Jeff Long and Bill Hancock have been pretty candid about the ‘why’ of the rankings and how close some of the rankings have been. Alabama/TCU were very close, Mississippi State is clear, strong #1, TCU is ahead of Baylor due to body of work and Baylor loss. We never heard ANY of this kind of talk with other polls in the history of college football. It’s awesome.

I know the media is complaining – “We need to be in there to keep things from being biased, to have transparency.” To that I say – don’t kid yourself. Media outlets are every bit as biased if not more so than college athletic directors. And they don’t always report in context. Just look at this past weekend – Jim Harbaugh is talking to his team – the Ravens – and he says something candid about the Steelers losing. It wasn’t controversial, it wasn’t inappropriate. But CBS ran the clip and created a firestorm for no reason.

The CFP Committee has to have fluid, dynamic conversations about the ranking. That means people will start out thinking one way about a team, hears another person’s perspective and they may change their mind. That’s EXACTLY what we want to happen. With media in the room, the Committee members would be very guarded, more concerned about either playing to the media or being scared that what they said was going to be repeated completely out of context or not having the whole story told. Let the committee focus on getting the best 4 teams in the playoff, not play press conference.

Leave the media out. Have the press conference afterwards.

2. There is HEAVY consideration for strength of schedule. (By the way, we wouldn’t know this if not for reason #1 above.) Baylor and FSU might take note after last night. This is also why TCU has to be nervous moving forward. Alabama, Arizona State, Baylor, and Ohio State all have ranked opponents on their schedule which will bump them up in the rankings potentially moving TCU back down.

Put your thoughts in the comments below.


5 thoughts on “The CFP Aftermath

  1. Grant,

    I couldn’t agree more. I really like how this is playing out. I like the message it’s sending moving forward… better look at your scheduling and get rid of some of the Georgia Southern’s, SMU, etc. That being said, FSU and Ohio State will get penalized for the conference they play in which they can’t control. The only thing I don’t like about it being decided by a group is that there is no equation to the decisions they make. That’s the one thing I liked about the BCS, it told you exactly what it counted as important and had a score attached to it. I wish they would have left the BCS rating system in place. The committee could trump it but it would give some math to making decisions.

    The biggest plus for this system is I think we’re going to see a lot better games during the year. The first 4 weeks of the season are pretty boring. The big boys need to start playing each other during the season. An early loss doesn’t kill you anyways. However, a early win against tough competition plays a major role as long as you don’t stumble in conference.

    The really tough part is for the SEC West. I personally think they have 3 of the best teams in the country. They just pound on each other every week and will likely only have 1 team get into the playoffs. I’m sticking with Alabama. I’m not super worried about Mississippi State. The Iron Bowl is going to be fabulous. The big thing in AL favor is they are at home and they have looked like the best team in the country at home.

    It’s getting fun now and you just know there are a couple of upsets coming.


    1. I didn’t have a huge problem with the BCS rankings either. It was the bowl system that was terrible. I also don’t like all that time between the conference championships and the bowl games.

      What if ‘Bama barely wins against MSU and wins out? You think MSU falls out of top 4?


      1. Grant,

        That’s a loaded question and I’ll give you a loaded answer… depends. It’s getting late in the season so a loss would really hurt. They don’t have a lot of time to make up for a loss. However, it would then put the Iron Bowl front and center. It would be huge. Plus MSU needs to beat Ole Miss. I just feel like Oregon, TCU, or FSU are ripe for an upset. I feel strongly one of those teams goes down before the end of the year. That opens things up for the SEC to have 2 teams. I believe if AL beats MSU by less then a touchdown and they both run the table you’ll end up with 2 SEC teams in the playoffs. I personally hope that it’s FSU that gets tripped up. My ND team should have beat them. Plus I think Jimbo is a crook and is started to run a bad program. He won’t suspend anyone for anything.


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