Movie Review: Interstellar

The full review originally appeared on The Reviews.

Want the short, spoiler free review?

Go see it right now. Quit reading this, go see it. Don’t read any reviews or summaries. Go with a blank slate. Enjoy the ride. Be amazed.

Now for the rest of the story…

Interstellar is classic Christopher Nolan. What is that exactly? Take a story on the verge of the incredible, add a dash of realism and humor, then drive the audience to the cliff of that moment. That moment when all the air is suck out of the room, that collective gasp. That moment when the rest of the film turns upside down – literally in Inception. That moment when the loose end is tied up but 40 more explode open. That moment when you realize you must watch this movie again. Momento, Insomnia, The Prestige, and Inception all fit this pattern. Interstellar is right at home in Nolan universe.

Interstellar starts out with a simple enough premise – the earth is dying and it is becoming abundantly clear that humanity’s time on the planet is coming to a close. Enter Matthew McConaughey’s character Cooper and his daughter Murph who discover a secret NASA base with two plans to save the earth.

From this point forward – the movie just explodes.

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