Florida’s Next Coach

There is not a lot of marquee games on the docket this weekend. USC/UCLA maybe the biggest one. After weeks of intense college football action, we get a one weekend reprieve before the madness starts again. So let’s talk a bit about Florida’s next coach.

Florida hired the best coordinator available and they went defense with Muschamp. What are the odds they go proven head coach and offense this time?

Yeah, me too.

Just Stop It Already Candidates
These are the candidates that for some reason are going to get mentioned but shouldn’t – for various reasons.

Rich Rodriguez – After the debacle at Michigan, RichRod is in a great place. He’s going to win a lot of games, go to a few bowls, challenge for a championship every now and then without all the crazy pressure of a SEC school.

Dan Mullen – I know Florida wants him. He’d be awesome but can’t see him leaving Mississippi State. What he’s built there is impressive and it’s more than just a good football team. It’s a complete culture change.

Lane Kiffin – There is a part of me that would love to see this happen if only to get him off of the Alabama coaching staff. After seeing what he’s done as a head coach at the Raiders, Tennessee, and USC – it would be awesome to see Florida go even lower than what they already are. Somebody, somewhere, sometime is going to offer Kiffin a head coaching job again against all the evidence to the contrary. Can’t see Florida being that desperate right now.

Mack Brown – Actually heard somebody say that Brown would be a good fit at Florida. Made me wonder if that person had been stuck in a time warp for the last 5 years.

Tim Tebow – It’s going to happen. Mark my words, somebody is going to seriously suggest Tim as a head coach to Florida. He’s a great guy and his legend has only grown since he left the Swamp but Tim as a head coach?

The Usual Suspects

Bob Stoops – Does anybody really see him leaving Oklahoma?

Bobby Petrino – He’d leave in a heartbeat, great offensive mind but comes with baggage and risk.

Hugh Freeze – Florida ties, has a great gig in Ole Miss. Possibility.

Jim McElwain – former Alabama offensive coordinator and current head coach at Colorado State. He’d be a great hire but he’s got a $7.25 million dollar contract buyout clause.

Mike Shannahan – Don’t know if this would be a good hire or not. With all the drama coming out of the Redskins, it sure does paint him in a better light. He wouldn’t have to fake and bake as much.

Assistant Coaches That Could But Won’t Be Hired
The only reason I say this is because of Muschamp. I imagine Florida is going to be a bit hesitant to hire another assistant. I could be wrong though.

Kirby Smart – Defensive coordinator at Alabama. I hope he never gets hired anywhere else. He’s brilliant. I hope Alabama has some clause in his contract that makes him the next head coach after Saban. Have no idea how he will do as a head coach. Don’t want to find out either.

Dave Wommack – Defensive Coordinator, Ole Miss. What he has built at Ole Miss is impressive. Does he fit the profile of Florida? Not an offensive guy, not a young guy.

Chad Morris – Offensive Coordinator, Clemson. What Morris has done with Dabo Sweeney is pretty impressive. He consistently has an offense that puts up points no matter what the talent level is. Imagine what he could do with Florida?

Put your thoughts in the comments. (I’m looking at you, Chris! ha ha)


2 thoughts on “Florida’s Next Coach

  1. Grant,

    Thanks for posting on this. This one is going to be tough to predict. I disagree with your desire to get rid of Lane Kiffin. I think he’s a brilliant coordinator. Saban would bring in the drama if he didn’t think he was brilliant. Head Coach-NO, Offensive Coordinator-YES. Same goes to Muschamp. Someone is going to get a great Defensive Coordinator. You see it all the time. Being a good coordinator doesn’t translate to a good head coach. That’s why I also disagree with you take on Kirby Smart. The Alabama job is way to big for a first head coaching job. He would be best served to go somewhere else and get his feet wet. I can tell you one job he’s not getting and that is at Alabama.

    Now on to Florida. I wouldn’t hire Stoops even if he wanted to come. I just don’t think he’s that great a coach. Oklahoma underachieves every year. I don’t think you will draw any current coach out of the SEC even if they have ties to Florida. Freeze, Mullen…..why. They are hero’s in MS and they are about to both get new contracts after this year.

    Willingham (Utah)- They’ve gone to that well before and it worked. He’s been winning at Utah for years with less talent than his opponents.

    Petrino (Louisville)- A bit of baggage but come on. He’s paid his dues and is worthy of the job. He’s got a big enough personality for the job and he’s offensive minded.

    Todd Graham (ASU)- I can’t stand him. Therefore, it would be a good fit because I can’t stand Florida either. He’s proven that he can recruit and they could get him to jump ship at ASU.

    Dabo (Clemson)- Dark horse. It would get him out of the ACC and it would be a significant upgrade for him. I doubt he would leave but I would certainly ask.



    1. We will agree to disagree about Kiffin. Scheme wise – Kiffin has pulled off some ridiculous game-plans – agreed. But ‘Bama continues to struggle with simply lining up right coming out of the huddle. Or getting plays in on time. Or game management. He’s got to get better about that.

      My blood pressure is rising…must stop. 🙂 ha ha ha

      If I were A&M or Auburn or Georgia – I’d be calling Muschamp today to talk defensive coordinator job.

      Willingham is a nice suggestion as is Graham. Two totally different personalities there.

      Will be fun to watch.


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