CFP Predictions, Week of November 24

There won’t be a lot of movement in the top 3. Slots #8 is another story.

1. Alabama
A little slow start with Western Carolina isn’t the major concern here. The injuries are. Iron Bowl is next.

Remaining games: Auburn

2. Oregon
Civil War game this weekend then Pac-12 Championship. Of the top 3, Oregon’s position looks the most solid.

Remaining games: at Oregon State

3. Florida State
Another week, another game they look horrible and unfocused until the 3rd quarter. Winston continues to amaze – both in good ways and bad.

Remaining games: Florida

4. Mississippi State
TCU, Baylor, and Ohio State are closing the gap. Ole Miss losing this week didn’t help.

Remaining games: at Ole Miss

On Deck: The Next 4

If the Kansas game didn’t drop them, I’m not sure what will. Baylor winning out?

Remaining games: @Texas, Iowa State

Ohio State
Not a particularly strong showing against Indiana. For them to make CFP, they are going to need major help.

Remaining games: Michigan

They have a chance to move up with a win against K-State. They need some help though.

Remaining games: at Texas Tech, Kansas State

With the shutout loss at Arkansas, Ole miss leaves a huge hole here. There are 8 2-loss teams that could argue for the #8 position. This year that means very little but in years to come I believe this will be the last playoff spot.

The debate here is between Georgia and Michigan State. UCLA’s win over USC is the difference…for now. They beat Stanford, they get a rematch with Oregon in Pac-12 Championship.

Remaining games: Stanford

Throw your picks in the mix. Love to hear from you.


2 thoughts on “CFP Predictions, Week of November 24

    1. Arkansas ever finds a QB that doesn’t turn the ball over – they are going to be a beast. That defense…nasty.

      Bama has got to know that they will get the very best Auburn this weekend. Iron Bowl…best/worst game of the year. Roll Tide.


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