CFP Predictions for December 2nd

It was an AWESOME weekend of football. As Amy and I sat freezing in Arrowhead Stadium on Sunday night, it was hard to imagine that it was over. Just like the playoff hopes for a few teams.

1. Alabama
The Iron Bowl continues to be THE college football rivalry. Nothing could ever match the drama of last year’s game but this one came close. Alabama showed what it is capable of – both good and bad. Their hold of #1 is sure…at least one more week.

Remaining game: SEC Championship game against Missouri

2. Oregon
The Civil War was more like a Hostile Beatdown. Oregon decimated Oregon State. Everyone wants to see that offense against Alabama’s defense.

Remaining game: Pac-12 Championship Game against Arizona

3. Florida State
Florida State showed nothing new. Except how awful Florida’s offense was. If FSU has 4 turnovers against Georgia Tech – it will be very different.

Remaining games: ACC Championship Game against Georgia Tech

4. TCU
I know Baylor beat them but after watching them they have a good defense, great offense, and great special teams.

Remaining games: Iowa State

On Deck: The Next 4

Ohio State
Barrett injury is really going to hurt in upcoming championship game against Wisconsin. A bad Michigan team kept it close.

Remaining games: Big 10 Championship game against Wisconsin

Was ready to elevate Baylor above Ohio State and TCU but they barely escaped Texas Tech. They have a chance to climb up some spots with a win against K-State.

Remaining games: Kansas State

With UCLA and Georgia both losing, it’s either Michigan State or Arizona and seeing how Arizona beat Oregon already once this year (and last), they get this spot. This gets real interesting if they beat Oregon.

Remaining games: PAC 12 Championship Game against Oregon

Michigan State
MSU has no chance of making the playoffs but they are a good team and their only two losses? Oregon and Ohio State. Not too bad.


2 thoughts on “CFP Predictions for December 2nd

    1. In my opinion, there just isn’t a lot of difference between TCU, Baylor, and Ohio State. So that leaves the door open for the committee to look at strength of schedule and conference. Which BIg 12 would have the edge.

      Personally, I think Baylor should be higher than TCU because they beat them on the field. But this group has consistently shown us they don’t think that way.

      This weekend’s games will be huge in determining that 4th spot.


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