CFP Results, December 2

Got slammed this week so haven’t had time to follow up on CFP rankings.

Week 1: 8 for 8 teams, 8 for 8 positions
Week 2: 8 for 8 teams, 6 for 8 positions
Week 3: 8 for 8 teams, 4 for 8 positions
Week 4: 8 for 8 teams, 8 for 8 positions

This week: 8 for 8 teams, 6 for 8 positions

1. Alabama (1)
2. Oregon (2)
3. TCU (4)
4. Florida State (3)
5. Ohio State (5)
6. Baylor (6)
7. Arizona (7)
8. Michigan State (8)

Big surprise was TCU ahead of Florida State. This is a HUGE move for many reasons.

First, it pretty much says to FSU that if you lose the ACC Championship game, you are out.

Second, this makes it really difficult for Baylor or Ohio State to get in playoff. Can they jump FSU and TCU with their games this weekend?

With TCU, Ohio State, Baylor ranked together, it’s whoever wins biggest. If all win out, compare the wins. Obviously, that would have put TCU in a tough spot given that both OSU and Baylor play ranked opponents AND TCU has already lost to Baylor.

By the way – Big 12 move to present TCU and Baylor as co-champions is a total travesty. For years we’ve heard from the Big 12 that it’s the only conference with a true champion because all the teams play each other. Apparently, the outcome of those games don’t really matter.

Now, it’s possible that all three win out and think of the options for the committee.

1. Drop FSU, put TCU & Baylor in. Or TCU & OSU. Or OSU and Baylor. Imagine the outcry in any of those situations???

2. Keep it as it is and Baylor and Ohio State both with conference championship rings are sitting on the outside, one to a team that it has already beaten.

3. Move FSU back to 3, add in OSU or Baylor. TCU wins and falls from 3 to 5 or 6.

Bottom line – even though it’s just one space, the committee set themselves up for major controversy 5 days from now.


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