CFP Final Results

Week 1: 8 for 8 teams, 8 for 8 positions
Week 2: 8 for 8 teams, 6 for 8 positions
Week 3: 8 for 8 teams, 4 for 8 positions
Week 4: 8 for 8 teams, 8 for 8 positions
Week 5: 8 for 8 teams, 6 for 8 positions

Final Week: 8 for 8 teams, 6 for 8 positions

Final CFP Rankings

1 ALABAMA 12-1
2 OREGON 12-1
5 BAYLOR 11-1
6 TCU 11-1

Let’s tackle the minor problem first – I had Michigan State ahead of Mississippi State and I’m not sure the logic of switching those two teams at all. Neither played and I’m not sure the bowl situation was changed either but that’s the least of the worries.

The big debate is how can TCU fall from 3 to 6 after winning 55-3. The short answer is – they should have never been ranked 3 in the first place. And yes, they should feel a bit shafted but not nearly as much as Baylor. Baylor not only got dissed by the CFP but also by their own conference. The Big 12 – home of the one true conference champion. Unless you have a director who says we are going to share and the results on the field don’t matter. Between that nonsense and a weak non-conference schedule of Baylor, a lot of this grief is self-imposed. I have a suggestion for a new slogan: The Big 12 – where the points keep flowing and the games don’t really matter.

Big 12 apologists can blame the CFP all they want but the real culprit is the combination of two things. First – a non-conference schedule that is very weak. That alone hurt but without a conference championship game to add to the resumé it was killer.

Which leads to #2: the greed of Texas. A couple of years ago when CU, Nebraska, Texas A&M, and Missouri left, instead of scrambling to find 12 teams or to at least keep 2 of the old teams – Texas pushed to keep it at 10 schools with the reasoning that there will be more money per school and with no conference championship game to put our best team in double jeopardy, there will be more opportunities to put Big 12 teams in championship games.

The irony of all of this? If those two teams left were Texas and Oklahoma instead of TCU and Baylor, the Big 10 would have been shut out.

Ohio State isn’t a bad choice. They won a weak conference with a 3rd string QB. There really isn’t a whole lot of difference between the three and the committee had to pick one and with all the drama of the Big 12 plus the beatdown of Wisconsin plus the brand of OSU – it all equaled that #4 spot.

Now it’s time to start playing the games.


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