The Deserted Island List

Sorry for the dry spell on the blog. Just taking a little break. Got inspired by my good friend JB Waggoner and his buddy Eddie over on their podcast. They made a list of the top 5 movies each would have with them if they were stuck on a deserted island.

(Never mind the fact that after LOST, we all know that no island is ever deserted. Dharma is there running experiments. But I digress…)

I decided to one-up them and make two lists. Have a TV series list and a movie list.

For movies, it is pretty straight forward. Pick a movie. No trilogies – just individual movies.

For TV series, it gets a bit more complicated. Do we allow the entire series or just a season? Or just an episode? Or do you only allow as many episodes that would fit on one DVD? What about TV special series like Band of Brothers or From Earth To The Moon? These are questions that are not easily answered and I am sure will stir up some debate.

For the sake of starting somewhere, I have decided to allow a TV series to have 1 season. Why? Because choosing the whole series is complete overkill while choosing one episode would be impossible. That really only leaves one of two options. Either picking a single season OR picking one DVD’s worth of episodes (usually 4 or 5 per DVD). If we go with the DVD worth of episodes, now we have other issues to deal with. Do those episodes have to be consecutive? Should they only be the same episodes that are actually on the retail version of the DVD or can we pick and choose which 5 episodes we want?

If you think all of this discussion is just stupid to begin with because who gets stranded on a deserted island with power, TV, and a DVD/BluRay player, let me caution you with this little tidbit. Most of us travel with our iPads, iPhones, iPods, and other electronic devices full of entertainment. All that is needed to make our deserted island a reality is an unfortunate accident and a solar charger for your device. Think about that for your next Christmas list.

Having said all of that – here are my lists. Love to hear yours.

Top 5 Movie List
(Trilogies not allowed. Must pick individual movies.)
5. Casablanca
4. Empire Strikes Back
3. Inception
2. White Christmas
1. The Dark Knight Rises

Some explanation is required. I find myself watching these movies at least once a year, sometimes more. There were others that were thisclose to making the list: Bourne Identity, Fellowship of the Ring, and Interstellar to name a few. I wanted a comedy and a musical. Sound of Music and My Fair Lady are my favorites but ultimately I went with White Christmas. I wanted a Christopher Nolan movie and ended up with two. He’s that good of a director.

Top 5 TV Series
(Must pick one season from series.)
Lost Season 1
Lost Season 3
Lost Season 4
Lost Season 5
Lost Season 6

Okay, seriously, other than LOST which is the greatest TV show ever….

Top 5 TV Series
Psych, Season 1
White Collar, Season 4
Castle – any season
From The Earth To The Moon

Band of Brothers is my all-time favorite mini-series but it’s so intense, I’m not sure it would make for good deserted island entertainment. I’m seriously going to miss White Collar. Can’t believe it’s over with all the other garbage on TV, why did this show end???

Live to hear your lists!


6 thoughts on “The Deserted Island List

  1. Cindy and I don’t have cable or satellite so we only watch what is on the Internet via Apple TV. Our favorite series is actually a reality show The Amazing Race. What we like about it is the fact that you get to see soooo many off-the-beaten path places we would love to visit, plus it is a competition so we compare what we would have done (we actually applied in 2004 but of course we didn’t make it).

    As for movies, I haven’t seen anything outside of animated kids shows the last 7 years so that could be a list of its own…How to Train Your Dragon, Cars, Monsters Inc, The Croods, and UP


  2. Assuming I packed my solar charger …

    1. We Were Soldiers
    2. Dark Knight
    3. Tropic Thunder
    4. Unforgiven
    5. Austin Powers

    Honorable Mention: Rockey Horror, Iron Man, Christmas Vacation and Die Hard
    The movies that would cause me to just walk out into the ocean: Napolean Dynamite, anything with Tom Hanks, or Tom Cruise.

    Series: Breaking Bad (all 6 seasons).


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