Trash Mountain 2015, Day 1-2

We left Topeka at 4:15am, caught a flight to Chicago from KC. Landed in Chicago at 9.30, was supposed to get on big 747 to Tokyo leaving at 12:10. The captain/flight crew kept coming on the intercom telling us it was just a few more minutes until 2pm. We had an hour lay-over in Tokyo, so we knew we missed our original flight.

When we landed in Tokyo, they had booked us to get on a flight to Guam. Land in Guam at 1:30 am. Wait until 6.30 in the morning then fly into Manila at 9:30 in order to catch a 10:15 flight to a northern part of the country.

I asked the lady – whats the first flight out of Tokyo in the morning? It was 9 am – get into Manila at lunch. We would definitely miss the flight.

So the options were to stay up another 24 hours in airports and airplanes and if we are delayed at all – STILL miss the flight in Manila and have to drive but be exhausted as we attempt to pull off training for these pastors.

OR spend the night. Get a good rest and deal with jet lag, land in Manila rested and drive up and enjoy the day.

We decided to stay the night.

I will say the people of Japan are a kind, service oriented people. It’s highly doubtful we would have received that kind of service and kindness in the states.

Off to bed — here’s the day’s video:


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