Trash Mountain Equip, Day 5

Another travel day. We will take one of the three weekly flights out of this province (Isabella) to Manilla. It’s an hour and a half drive from where we are – Santiago City – to the airport in Cauayan City.

We get up early, eat McDonalds, and head out to airport by 7.30. The drive there is yet another adventure in putting our lives in the hands of small Filipino drivers. The truth is they are incredible drivers. The margin of error is ridiculously small.

The airport terminal looks like something out of a movie set. People are lining up outside as security hand checks every bag and suitcase on the curb. We plop our backpacks and suitcase on a table, open it up and the security lady pokes through the bags.

We get our boarding passes and sit down. Surprisingly, this place has Wifi so it affords us all an opportunity to check in at home. FaceTime is an awesome thing. I get to see all the family.

The plane is running late. No surprise. All of us – most of us – have been overseas before and we realize this is just part of the journey. Waiting.

We know the plane is near when a motorcycle carry a guy in a orange jumpsuit rides out to the runaway. I’ve never seen anything like this. It’s like he is going to wave in the plane. Whatever he gets paid – it isn’t enough.

As the jet lands, it gives the windows in the waiting area little rattle. We walk out on the tarmac and get in the plane. The flight lasts all of 45 minutes. It takes us longer to get on and off the plane than the trip itself.

We decide to eat in the Manilla airport. Shakey’s Pizza. Hey – it’s clean and it’s good. We are tired. The 59 hours of travel in the past 3 days is finally hitting us.

The van ride to our place is crazy. One van = driver plus 9 of us plus 2 TMP guys that met us in Santiago. Plus 12 bags and a guitar. Watch the video for the full effect. And we drive like that for an hour to our place.

Tomorrow is Equip Conference for our Manilla area pastors. Looking forward to seeing old friends – Pastor Reynixon and Pastora Cora, Pastor Stanely and Noreen, Pastor JoeMar and Dondon, Marivick. Going to be a great day.


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