Trash Mountain Equip, Day 6

Equip Manilla at Jesus Christ’s Church of the Valley

I gotta admit – this is the second biggest highlight of this trip. Teaching and learning with Filipino pastors who have decided to spend their life ministering to those in trash dumps. Words aren’t accurate enough as to what it means to sit with them.

(What’s the biggest highlight? That’s tomorrow – worshiping in the churches at the trash dumps.)

After the opening session, the 90 plus participants were divided into 5 groups. Each of the pastors then went to each room and taught their session. Breaking up the conference like this allowed us to have a lot more interaction with the participants.

Here’s the lineup:

The Trash Mountain Project Guys:

Brett Durbin, Founder and Executive Director – he’s the “closer” telling the story of Trash Mountain. Chief Story Teller would be another good title for him to have.

Timm Collins, Discipleship Director – Timm’s official job is to be the pastor to the pastors that TMP is sponsoring and partnering with. He’s a natural at it. Incredibly relational and just loves ministering to pastors.

John Kazaklis, Southeast Asia Director – John does logistics. Food, transportation, any kind of detail while we are here – “Greek” gets it done. He’s a hoot. Gotta have a sense of humor around him. Actually = that could be said for all of us.

The Rest of the Crew:

Brent McCrory, Pastor at New Life Christian Church in Emporia. He’s teaching on Sharing God’s Story. Love his take – the Scriptures are one big story from Genesis to Revelation. Starts with two trees, has a big tree in the middle (Calvary) and ends with one tree. Great picture, better guy.

Clay Jones, Major in US Air Force. He’s speaking on Managing God’s Money. I know – you’re thinking – wait a minute? Managing money seminar for trash dump pastors? Trust me – it’s good and applicable. No matter how much you make or have – how you treat and handle your possessions reveals the real condition of your heart. That’s his big points. It’s a great talk.

Tim Wilson, Pastor of Lighthouse Bible Church in Topeka. Tim is a returning presenter. This year he is tackling the topic of family life and marriage of a pastor with his humor and humility. Tim is a favorite because he’s so disarming and approachable.

Dave Henry, Pastor of New Community Christian Church in Salina. Dave is another veteran of TMP Equip. Dave’s topic is Sabbath. Have to share a quote from his presentation that –

“The Sabbath is not about an extended vacation. It’s about creating time to experience the delight of God.”

And myself. I’m talking about the 6 Characteristics of a Healthy Church on Mission. Basically stealing Jesus’ talk to his disciples in Luke 10.


After teaching the material once in Santiago and now 5 times in one today – I feel like I have a good handle on my topic. (ha ha ha ha)

I love this. I absolutely love sitting down with these pastors and leaders. I love hearing their stories, praying with them, learning from them, helping them understand the Scriptures. I am so honored to get to do this.


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