Movie Review: McConkey

The full review appears on The Reviews website.

Red Bull Media House continues to build an impressive library of films. The cinematography is not just top-shelf. It’s approaching a level that nobody else can touch. They get shots that nobody else gets. They get these shots from multiple angles. They get these shots in some kind of Hyper-HD that explodes off the screen and makes you want to ride a snowboard down Everest. It’s insane eye-candy and they seem to never make a mis-step in their storylines either.

The formula is simple yet effective. Take hyper-crazy athletes in search for the ultimate adrenaline rush and make them likable and normal. Somehow make it seem perfectly normal to go skiing with two helicopters, a plane, and 4 cameras in the most beautiful places on earth. Talk about pushing the limits, throw in some killer music and then feed it to the X-games generation.

On one hand, McConkey fits nicely into the Red Bull library. It has all the earmarks – great location, great cinematography, great music, and a plot line that celebrates an incredible athlete whose only purpose in life was to push the limits of a pleasure-seeking lifestyle.

On the other hand, McConkey is a disturbing journey into a world of another kind of addiction – the adrenaline rush.

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