KU’s New…Swimsuits?

Watching parts of the second half of the KU-TCU Big 12 Tourney game today and noticed Kansas’ shorts. Are these new? I don’t remember seeing these all year?

If you haven’t seen them – they’ve got this ridiculous high blue waistband on white shorts with a huge Jayhawk on the leg. Normally, I’m a fan of KU and all their different attempts at their uniforms. I even like the throwback script ones.

But these…ugg. They looked like bad surfing shorts or swimsuits from the ’80s.


5 thoughts on “KU’s New…Swimsuits?

  1. I was watching the Nebraska game yesterday and they had the same design. A big red band with white shorts. Some one noted it looked like they had on red underwear and their pants were falling down.


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