Big Hero 6

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G 4 StarAt some point, the odds have to catch up with Disney/Pixar, right? How many high quality, good family films can they make without having a dud? Big Hero 6 is not just a Disney/Pixar collaboration but it’s also a Marvel Comic partnership – and yes, if you look closely you will find your Stan Lee sighting as well.

Typical Pixar – fun movie for kids with plenty of humor and moments for the adults as well. This film particularly embodies this flavor now that Disney owns Marvel and this film marks the first animated film partnership between the three – Pixar, Disney, and Marvel. It doesn’t disappoint.

Big Hero 6 won the Academy Award for Best Animated Film this year and looking at other nominees – it deserved it. That’s not to say it is in the same stratosphere as The Incredibles or Toy Story. But it holds its own providing plenty of moments to watch over and over again.

The kids will laugh at a poofy robot running out of battery, the physical humor, and fun characters of the film. The adults would do well to pay attention to the deeper story going on – particularly how each character handles grief and loss. This is the larger theme of the story and where parents could really have a deep conversation afterwards.

Each character faces a loss of some sort. It’s not all known – just like in real life some people choose to hide their loss and deal with it privately. But it is impossible to deal with grief and loss alone. It always leaks out into how we interact with our world and those around us.

Big Hero 6 centers around this premise – how each person deal with loss. Some of it is healthy, some of it isn’t. All of these decisions have consequences that play out in the real world.

Lots of questions get surfaced in the film. What’s the impact of a father/brother figure? Is grief inevitable and if so, is it just a physiological reaction? Is health care just about the body? What’s the role of community in grief? Is technology amoral? Should their be limits to technology? Who decides what is morally right or wrong when it comes to the limits of technology? There are glimpses of the director’s answers to these questions but nothing overt or as preachy as say Wall-E.

The look of the film is ridiculous. Stunning. It is complete eye-candy nirvana. From the composite city of San Frantokyo to the details of how hair and water function on the screen, Big Hero 6 is beautiful. Absolutely beautiful.

This is a great film, one for the whole family and definitely worth the watch.


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