Day 1 NCAA Thoughts

What a day of games…

*Iowa State – I drank the kool-aid. Had them in the Final Four. What a complete rip-your-heart-out-of-your-chest-while-it-is-still-beating-job.

*Baylor – I had them losing in the next round, didn’t think they had the ‘juice’ to go far but never saw them losing to a 14 seed.

*Texas – totally picked Butler. Don’t know how Barnes keeps his job at Texas.

*Harvard – what are you doing jackin’ up threes with time left on clock for 3 straight possessions when you only needed a 2 and not call a timeout one of those 3 trips down?? For such a brilliant school, that last minute was some stupid basketball.

*Cincy – They lose their number 1 thug and still win.

*Arkansas and UNC – look vulnerable. Both should be thankful they get another game.

Today – what to look for…

*Kansas – who knows what team will show up but the entire world wants to see Wichita State/Kansas in the next round. This must happen.

* AT&T commercials – love having all those legends and looking forward to where they take the commercials.

*Same for Capital One commercials with Samuel L., Spike, and Charles.

*Michigan St/Georgia – think this will be an awesome game.

Add your two cents…


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