Book Review: The Martian

BY Andy Weir

Imagine Robinson Crusoe on Mars. And add in that it takes 265 days to get there if anything goes wrong. Then imagine being left for dead by your crew and you have to figure out how to survive until the next mission arrives – some 460 plus days away.

And that’s the first two pages of the book.

Weir weaves a story full of both suspense and humor centering upon the main character of Mark Whatney. Whatney is the rare breed of botanist and engineer who finds himself in the most impossible of situations where everything – the very air around him – is set up to kill him.

While the story covers close to three years of time, it is well paced and packed full of the details that puts the science in science-fiction. I am sure botanist engineers everywhere will come to see this book as a vindication of their vocation. Both of them.

Read the rest of the review here – on my other site The Reviews.


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