Avengers: Age of Ultron

Poster for the movie ""

G 4 StarThe much-anticipated, long-awaited sequel to The Avengers will not disappoint Marvel fans. It has all the one-liners and star-power you can imagine. It even introduces a few new faces into the Marvel canon that should play well with the rest of the crew.

The villain this time around is none Ultron, voiced by James Spader. Ultron is the result of Stark’s love of technology and pursuit of an even deeper AI. And it goes wrong – horribly wrong. The fact that every single person on the planet (and in the theater) can see this coming shouldn’t diminish the rest of the story.

Age of Ultron borderlines on being a bulky, bloated, stuffed to the gills, Michael Bay/Transformers look-alike film. The battle scenes are intense and full. We get slo-mo and 360 degree looks at the Hulk pulling apart robots. And they just keep going. On and on. How many different ways can Hawkeye shoot an exploding arrow?

So what keeps it from falling into this pit? The humor and banter between the characters may be the best of all the Marvel films. The funny, sarcastic, often self-depracating humor is perfectly paced – particularly the scenes between Captain America and Tony Stark.

We also get to see the backstory and inner fears of many of the Avengers which plays into the larger plot of the story – heroes who make decisions based on fear and those decisions having unforeseen consequences. Stark’s addiction to AI and technology is the primary target here but other’s have their own issues.

Overall, Marvel fans will thoroughly enjoy this film. The new faces hold their own and at the very least gives hope that the future Avenger films will have fresh material and faces. As far as being a film that will increase the fandom of Marvel? Not sure if this is the vehicle to do that. There are lots of inside jokes and references to the other films.

It’s a solid film – not as good as the first one, nor as good as some of the individual films of our heroes. But it works. Spader is awesome as Ultron and you can never have too much of the Black Widow. The Avengers function how we have waited to see them – back to back – saving the world.


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