Inside Out

G 2 StarI about feel asleep in the movie. My brother-in-law did fall asleep. We all left the theater wishing we had instead went to see Jurassic World.

Okay … maybe only the male gender section of the family felt that way.

If you’ve seen the trailer, you’ve seen the best parts of the movie. Actually, you’ve seen the whole movie. This one would have been a great short in front of another Pixar offering.

It’s not a bad movie. It’s just boring. And slow. All the things that make Pixar movies wonderful – fast dialogue that is funny to adults and kids, great lovable characters, catchy music that has you humming out the theater – are also missing from this film.

It has its funny moments but they aren’t nuanced, they aren’t layered, and it isn’t consistent enough. The message is a good one – we need all the emotions to have a great life – but it rambles to that point and the pace is incredibly slow.

There were plenty of “that’s a cool way to explain that in the mind” moments but overall Inside Out doesn’t deliver any where close to the level we have come to expect out of Pixar.

Wait for Redbox on this one.


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