Analyzing Fantasy Draft – Chubby Chernobyls Team

This is my team in one of my leagues. I drafted 9th in a 10 team league, PPR. I am the defending champ in this leagues. However, after the draft repeating as champion seems unlikely.

I made a crucial mistake in round 5 that I think may come back and sink me.

Pick 9 C.J. Anderson, Den RB,
Pick 12 Rob Gronkowski, NE TE

I like these picks considering who was available. Big surprise of the 1st round? There were a few – both Andrew Luck and Aaron Rodgers were drafted before my pick. Left a great RB for me at 9. A RB and WR was taken with 10 and 11. Knowing my next pick was 29 – I grabbed Gronk. Don’t regret these picks at all.

Pick 29 T.Y. Hilton, Ind WR
Pick 32 A.J. Green, Cin WR

In a PPR league, it was important I get two solid WRs. Johnson, Jones, and Cobb were all gone by this point. As was Brady, P. Manning, Wilson, and Brees. Sanders of Denver was available at 29 but was gone at 30. He was my pick at 32. A.J. Green is not a bad consolation prize.

Pick 49 Carlos Hyde, SF RB

Best RB available and the WRs were pretty much gone at this point. And this is where I think I messed up. Manning, Big Ben, Matt Ryan, Romo, and even Bradford were available here. I wasn’t really in love with ANY of them but I felt a need for one more back…and Arian Foster was there and I know he’s hurt now but would he last till pick 69??? But I need a QB…

Pick 52 Arian Foster, Hou RB

And immediately I regretted the pick. The next 19 picks were just brutal. Manning, Big Ben, Romo, Matt Ryan, Bradford – all gone. I was now officially and completely upside down. Guess who was left?

Pick 69 Ryan Tannehill, Mia QB

Just go ahead and start laughing now. Complete panic pick but only option left was Philip ‘Cry Me A’ Rivers.

Pick 72 Bills D/ST D/ST
Pick 89 Philip Rivers, SD QB

So I did end up picking Cry Me A Rivers.

I made another mistake at pick 109…

92 Roddy White, Atl WR
109 Antonio Gates, SD TE

Yeah…I’ll have to take care of that in waivers because Gronk’s bye is week 4 and Gates suspension is 4 weeks. Great idea for a backup but completely worthless for the bye week.

112 Brandon McManus, Den K
129 Michael Floyd, Ari WR
132 Danny Woodhead, SD RB
149 Phillip Dorsett, Ind WR

I get another chance at redemption tonight. Let’s see if I can’t do a little better.


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