Silence Broken, 7 Years


I’ve purposely not written on the blog since October. Just wanted the silence. The blog had begun to be work.  I always said I own the blog, the blog doesn’t own me.  When the blog feels like it owns me, I shut it down. 

But after my Study Leave, Christmas, and my Trash Mountain Project trip to Manilla – I feel rested and more importantly ready to write. 

I’ll start with January 3rd.  Huge day. We rededicated the gym and it marked my 7th year at Western Hills. 

I’m not the sentimental type. Just ask my mother.  But as Rick and the team finished singer ‘Ever Be’, I got completely overwhelmed.  Lots of things hitting me at once.  I was just sitting in the front row in tears.  I know he tried to buy me some time by tagging the chorus again but I was wrecked.  

And it happened in both services. What’s up with that??  Here’s what was going thru my mind:

Didn’t expect to last 7 years at Western Hills.  Lots of pain, lots of hurt in the church.  Stuff That Will Not Be Mentioned Here.  

And we didn’t make it this far because of my stellar leadership gifts.  We made it I think because there was a core of people who were committed to following Jesus and allowing the church to be His bride. 

A beautiful, scarred, imperfect, flawed but valuable Bride.  

Then dedicating a gym where we hope to see over 1,000 kids hear the gospel this year.  That was a moment.  We put the kids in the middle of the gym, had the adults stand around them and then the elders and staff around them.  The kids started praying and then the adults. It was just a cool scene. 

And it was a moment for 4 generations to pray together. 


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