Equip 2016 – Day 1 & 2

This is my 3rd trip to the Philippines. All with Trash Mountain Project. TMP has 5 partner ministries in the Philippines – 4 around the Manila metro area, another north in Isabella. All in trash dump communities, all feeding kids, all educating kids, all led by pastors who have given their life to ministering to those in trash dump communities.

The trip has three purposes. One is to give U.S. pastors a taste of TMP work in the Philippines. Second, it lets us sit with Filipino leaders in the trash dump to help and learn. Third, it’s a chance to connect with other mission-minded pastors.

The hardest part of the trip? Getting there. It’s not easy. We leave Topeka at 3 am, fly out of KC to Chicago. Chicago to Seoul – 14 hours. Seoul to Manilla – 5 hours. Then the drive to where we stay which is only about 30 miles from the airport but with traffic it takes 3 hours to drive. ually goes on a mission trip. This trip not only allows us to serve but it gives us a chance to equip other pastors and a chance to recharge a bit with other pastors.

Good news. We are flying Korean Air which has become my favorite airlines followed very closely by Japan Air. They are so nice, so considerate. They planes are clean, complete with USB chargers for every chair and video screens. It’s just a great experience, makes you feel like you’ve traveled back in time.

Plus…they gave Timm and I exit row seats for the whole trip. The good news is – when we land, we can go to bed and sleep in for a bit.  When we land in Seoul, we catch up with John K, Lindsey, and my favorite travel buddy – JOE!!!

Timm and I loving the exit row seats
Stretching out for a 14 hour flight.
Catching up with Joe in Seoul.

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