Sports Heaven or Apocalypse?

Right now, I’m in sports heaven. Alabama just won its 16th national title. (Yes, Alabama believes they have 16 titles and a couple of them are dubious – back in the early 1900’s when there really wasn’t a national title. However, they have 11 confirmed ‘official’ national titles and that’s still more than anyone else. So just enjoy your mediocrity, rest of the football world.)

Denver will be playing in the Super Bowl on Sunday for the 8th time. Denver’s history in the Super Bowl is anything but stellar.

1977 – Denver plays arguably the best Dallas team ever. 27-10 was the final score, Denver was happy to be there.

1986 – Denver runs into Phil Simms and the New York Giants. Phil plays the perfect game and wins 39-20. Elway was the only reason they were there and this would be the theme for the next two Super Bowls. Elway and a bunch of construction workers make it to the Super Bowl only to be completely manhandled.

1987 – Washington Redskins. 10-0. End of 1st quarter. All of Denver was happy and right. The next 15 minutes are a special kind of hell that perhaps only Cleveland fans can understand. 35 points. It was over at half. Final score 42-10.

1989 – San Francisco 49ers. Denver never had a chance against this team. Arguably the best team ever – 49ers had Lott, Montana, Rice, Craig, Taylor and it was 55-10 – the biggest beat down in Super Bowl History.

1997 – Green Bay Packers. Perhaps the biggest upset in Super Bowl history. Denver was 12 point underdogs and completely dominated the line of scrimmage. Terrell Davis ran roughshod over Packers, Elway helicoptered for a first down. 31-24 Denver wins, sweet win for John.

1998 – Atlanta Falcons. Perhaps the best Denver team ever. Atlanta never had a chance. Elway made mince meat of them. Passing for over 300 yards and winning MVP honors on the way to a 34-19 win.

2013 – Manning and Broncos get humiliated by Seahawks. 43-8. It’s not even that close. This was beginning of the end for John Fox.

Nobody is picking the Broncos but the Broncos are everyone’s sentimental favorite. It appears that once again, Denver appears outgunned in the big game with Manning being a shell of his former self.

However, this Denver team has one thing the other’s have not. One. Tough. Defense. This is a punch you in the mouth defense. A Raven-esque defense that has both speed and power. Is it enough to shut down the human highlight reel known as Cam Newton?

We will see. But I’ll be having the best year ever if Denver once again pulls off an upset of the ages.


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