Why Kaepernick Is Most Likely Going To Be A Bronco

Here’s the reality:

1. Elway wasn’t paying Drew Brees/Tony Romo money for Brock Oswieler. And seeing how Osweiler and Ryan Fitzpatrick have the same agent…

2. It’s highly unlikely Fitz is coming to the Broncos even though that would be an acceptable stopgap and the best option that is left out there.

3. Given the locker room cancer that RG3 was and how Shannahan had fits with him AND Kubiak and Shannahan are close – despite what Adam Schefter says – RG3 is OUT in DEN.

4. Elway is probably trying to move up in the draft to take a QB but that is at the least a two year project and if this year proved anything, all is needed is an average to above average offense to compete.

HENCE… the only real viable candidate left is Colin Kaepernick.

Of course this move is pure speculation AND while Kubiak has won playoff games with the likes of Yates and Schaub, I gotta believe it is all window-dressing for when Elway drafts his QB with all the draft choices he has stocked up.


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