I Know God Listens To My Messages

Direct quote from my message on Sunday:

“Your right, I don’t check up on Cooper like you because he’s a boy. I mean, he could get in a wreck and who really cares? You? You’re my daughter and that’s way different.”

Said in jest…sort of. I mean, I love Cooper. He’s by far my favorite son. But sons are different than daughters. And don’t let anyone tell you differently. Doesn’t mean I love him less – just differently.

So almost exactly 24 hours after I made that statement, I get a phone call from my favorite son.

“Dad…I’m okay.”

Never how you want to hear a phone conversation start off.

And there really isn’t that much damage to the car.

And the other thing you don’t want to hear on the phone.

I had let Coop drive my new-to-me Altima to school that day. Graduation practice was the only thing on the agenda and he likes driving my car as opposed to the Xterra.

And he wrecks it.

I took a deep breath. I’m glad he’s okay. I really am. But I’m also really ticked that my new-to-me car is now in a wreck. And I’m ticked that I’m ticked about the car when in reality this whole situation could be a lot worse than what it is.

So I drive to the scene of the accident. Turns out, Coop wasn’t even driving. He was parked and got run into by a car that had been hit by another car. The other two cars in the accident? Well…they didn’t drive away from the scene. Glass, busted tires, airbags deployed, shattered windows – it looked bad.

Our car? A minor dent and scratch on back bumper.

And nobody was hurt.


Once we got home, Amy mentioned to me – “you know, in one sense, all of this is your fault.”

I was reminded of something else I said on Sunday…

“Ever get into an argument that you know you can’t win?”


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