OJ Simpson & Baylor: 20 Years Close

20 years ago a Los Angeles jury shocked the world by declaring Orenthal James Simpson not guilty on the murder of his wife despite the preponderance of evidence given to the contrary. It was a verdict that was more about the times than the case. With the Rodney King trial and abhorrent racism displayed by the LAPD, the not guilty verdict sent a clear message to the rest of the world.

The message was the United States in 90’s was not as far removed from the 60’s as we hoped. It said that racism still had a major hold on the country. That there were a different set of rules for celebrities, particularly sport celebrities.

I can remember interviews after the trial hearing people say the most idiotic of phrases like – “Nicole has some responsibility in this because she stayed with OJ despite his womanizing and violent outbursts.” Nothing like blaming the victim for the crime.

It’s 2016 and hearing what is going on at Baylor makes me wonder if anybody learned anything.

You had to see this coming. Right? Is it really any more outrageous that Baylor is fighting to keep its head coach than Florida State fighting to keep its starting quarterback?

Baylor deserves all the bad press it is getting right now and they only have themselves to blame. It wasn’t that long ago a basketball player was murdered at Baylor.

After all the Title IX issues, the covering up of sexual assaults, the coddling of football players, and the continued acceptance of players with questionable pasts, Baylor somehow believes that the answer to fixing their broken culture is firing the Athletic Director but keeping the president Ken Starr on campus and giving the head football coach a one-year suspension? Let’s be serious, the athletic director had the least to do with the problems at Baylor. He didn’t do anything without the approval of the head coach and/or the president yet he’s the one who is fired.

What is the answer for Baylor? Who knows. They have a very long road in front of them. There will be years of litigation concerning their Title IX issues on top of the sexual assault cases. There will be no quick fix to this issue but the absolutely worse thing they could have done was to send any message that football and money were more important than doing the right thing.

By keeping Ken Starr on as a professor because of his fundraising and pursuing only a 1-year suspension for their head coach – that’s exactly the message they are now sending.


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