The Long Silence Explained

Let me get this out of the way at the start…

It’s embarrassing and a bit of a pain in the rear end to talk about what I’m going through physically right now. Everybody has pain, everybody has some issue or crisis they are walking through. I’m convinced that mine is no more traumatic or important than anybody else. Just last week, we had 4 different families from Western Hills dealing with emergencies and major health issues in their life – from a newborn baby, to heart issues, debilitating joint pain, and an unknown cause of seizures.

Perspective is everything and I’m pretty fortunate when you consider it all. I’m not dealing with cancer or a degenerative, incurable disease that breaks down bones or muscles. I’ve had chronic back issues since my days in the Army (jumping out of perfectly good helicopters) which has resulted in herniated discs. Grand scheme of things? Painful but it could be so much worse.

Having said that, we’ve been flooded with prayers and good thoughts from our Western Hill family. It’s been a bit humbling. This past Saturday we heard our neighbors mowing the lawn only to shortly realize it wasn’t our neighbors. A dear friend from Western Hills was actually mowing our lawn.

Here’s the short story of where we are. Over the past couple of months, my left leg was going numb, developed a dropfoot, and had atrophied a significant amount. I sought out three different doctors and all recommended the same course of treatment – surgery.

At first this was incredibly disappointing as surgery was the last thing I wanted to go through. However, we had been praying for clarity through the whole process and you can’t much clearer than three doctors agreeing on anything.

During this process, a huge debt of gratitude I owe to Western Hill’s own Dr. Wade Welch and Dr Ken Gimple. Having to make a major health decision, the one thing you want is clear, easy to understand information. Both were invaluable to us on that front.

Wednesday, I will have back surgery under the care of Dr. Fritz in Lawrence, Kansas. He was gracious enough to fit me on his schedule at such a short notice. I will spend one night in the hospital then it is home for recovery.

So many of you have asked – how can we help? Do we need anything? Do you think the Broncos will repeat as Super Bowl champions? To that I’d say – not sure, we will let you know when we finally get home from surgery, and probably not.

In all seriousness, at this time we are not sure what we need but I promise that when we figure it out, we will let you know. The plan for now is for me to not teach for three Sundays but you will be in the great hands of Parker and Mari.

We appreciate all the prayers and we will keep you posted after the surgery as well.


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